The training we offer includes :

- Training to the use of Les Casiers Du Coin app

- Training to build a vending machine

- Materials to build a 16 lockers vending machine

- Two trainings on digital tools

You will then be able to control both the web and the technical part of our solution. You will have a first vending machine that you could enlarge with the income it generates. And you will also gain skills on digital tools.

This training costs 1 100 euros.

With our sponsorship programm, for each agricultor you sponsor, 50 euros will be deduced from the commission in a limit of 250 euros

Trainings are done at a distance thanks to videos. You can whatch them whenever you want and you have the time, at the speed you want so that you can control each step. No special skills are needed. If you have questions while building your vending machine, you can ask us and we will answer quickly.